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Support password options for User Admin

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Support password options for User Admin

Local authentication server administration is normally done by an admin user.

In SA an End user can be given rights for user administration for a local authentication server.

When admin user logging into an admin realm is adding a user in a local authentication server,
he has following extra options [checkbox] as compared to an End user having rights to administrator a local auth server:


¥ One-time use (disable account after the next successful sign-in)     
¥ Enabled                                                                
¥ Require user to change password at next sign in 


In 7.4 Rx ,this new feature enables  a END user administrator  to add user to the local authentication server, with this set of options available.


Please  let us know if  you have any queries and I will be happy to address them.


Re: Support password options for User Admin

This feature is really NOT BAD!

I would have liked it, IF:


This User would also have the ability to assign this new created user to one or more roles!

Generating a user in a particular authentication realm would otherwise mean that this use-case is just for ANY authenticated realm user that will be able to use all roles.


OR: that you are forced to do the role mapping with username prefixes and mappings to different roles


f.e. role1_stephan, role1_linda are the usernames

and you pre-configure the rolemapping like this:


if username IS

role1_*             assign role1


This feature would have made more sense, if you would have local user GROUPS, assign those groups in the rolemapping and create local users IN A PARTICULAR group.

But like this, it is ... a little useless.


btw... the password change option is quite good.