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TOTP failure

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TOTP failure



Since the update to 9.0R3 the "Allow new TOTP user registration to happen via external port" has to be checked also for the normal logins on the external interface, not only for the first time registration.

Looks like a bug. Can anyone reproduce this issue?



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Re: TOTP failure

I am also experiencing the same issue after the latest upgrade.  TOTP fails for existing users unless I have "Allow new TOTP user registration to happen via external port" checked.  


Were you able to get this working correctly leaving that setting unchecked?




Re: TOTP failure

Hmm... I know there has been enhancements made to the TOTP instances in 9.0R3 upgrade.


TOTP Enhancements:

  1. This feature provides the following enhancements to the existing TOTP Server implementation. o End-users will now have only one TOTP account to maintain, regardless of the number of auth. servers configured in PCS.
  2. Admins can now configure one PCS to contact another PCS for validating TOTP Secrets, thereby eliminating the need to sync the TOTP secrets across multiple devices.
  3. Admins can now export the TOTP user accounts from a TOTP Auth. Server Users Page and import onto to desired PCS devices.
  4. Admins can now automate the export of TOTP user accounts from one PCS and import onto another PCS through REST API.


May be there is an issue with that, not sure... Create a case with Pulse Secure TAC for investigation.

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Re: TOTP failure

Are you referring to non-TOTP as "normal login" or "existing TOTP user logging in after successful registration"?
Are your users logging in against the internal port or external port?
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Re: TOTP failure



Could you please give me a link to the site I have to access in order to obtain my TOTP? I can not find the site and it affects my activity... Thank you very much!