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TS from multiple platforms?

Occasional Contributor

TS from multiple platforms?

I've been searching for instructions on how to do it, but haven't found anything definitive.

I'm trying to create a temrinal services link that will work for people connecting from Windows, Mac, or Linux clientts. I want it generic enough to prompt them for a server address before launching the client. I've uploaded the Propero java client to the IVE but can't figure out how to proceed..

Is there any documentation that really steps you through the process?


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Re: TS from multiple platforms?


I've searched the forums and found those threads, but still find them to be short on info.

I actually have two scenarios I'd like to solve:

1. A web resource that launches the Java applet and prompts for server name (i.e. the user is allowed to connect to any TS he has access rights to).  I have no issue with the user entering username and password once they get the Windows login screen on the terminal server.

2. For a Terminal Service resource, I'd like to have Java applet fallback when the user is connecting from a non-Windows computer. 

In both cases, I guess my problem is coming up with the proper HTML code.

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Re: TS from multiple platforms?

I run this Java applet and can tell you that it does indeed work fine cross platform. I use it from MAC, Linux, Windows clients with no problems. There is not a lot (any?) real documentation on it. Do you need help with getting it to run at all or just with passing parameters? If you have setup questions fire away - you can also search this section of the forums on ProperJava cause there have been some threads on it in the past.

It is pretty straightforward to pass pararmeters to the applet within the context of the html code that is contained within the bookmark that you create for the applet. The only issue is trying to pass a password. Something I have been working with JTACE on for a while with no success.

The user value will take a variable such as username --- <param name="Username" value="<<username>>">

It may be possible to also set a variable for server and pass it - though I have not had the time or energy to try that.

Hope this is of some value to you.