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TS profile Java applet set but launching Windows client

New Contributor

TS profile Java applet set but launching Windows client

SA 2500 SSL

Current version: 6.4R1 (build 14063)

We have been using Windows terminal server connections for some time without issue and now wish to start using a Java applet for connections from Macs.

A terminal service resource profile has been created and the Java applet loaded. However the Windows Remote Desktop is being launched rather than the Java applet.

We have checked and the "always use this Java applet" is checked.

The admin who set this up said it ran correctly upon first test but now the windows client runs every time. I have tried removing and adding applets and recreating the resource profile but there is no change.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Simon

Occasional Contributor

Re: TS profile Java applet set but launching Windows client

Just a very general suggestion here:

We had a problem with a java applet, only with Citrix instead of MS TS. After lengthy troubleshooting and support escalations, isolating the client, the IVE, and Citrix, we determined that Terminal Services licensing was causing the issue. TS machine CALs were not being reclaimed back into the TS CAL pool. Service Pack 2 on Win2K3 did fix the issue, although I don't remember what the MS KB on that is.

So, my very general suggestion is to include the TS Licensing server in the troubleshooting chain, especially if machine CAL's are being used.

Good Luck!

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Re: TS profile Java applet set but launching Windows client

Thank you for your reply Mike.

It doesn't seem to matter which machine we connect to - Win2008 TS, Win2003 server, XP client... the Juniper seems to make no attempt to launch the Java applet and no error is logged.

The SA2500 thinks running the Windows Client is the correct action despite the always use Java applet setting being ticked.

Many thanks again for your help, Simon


Re: TS profile Java applet set but launching Windows client

Have you tried JSAM ?

Terminal Services client is a Windows only feature so it will not work on the MAC.

The Java applet should work though, did you check that Java ACL's are open under

Ressource Policies > Web> Java ACL's ?

For JSAM you will need to:

- select JSAM under Role > SAM > Options

- define the target server by hostname under Role > SAM > Applications

- check "Automatic Host-Mapping" under Role > SAM > Options so that the mapping to hostname -> loopback interface is created automatically in /etc/hosts file when JSAM starts

- SAM ACL's to target server under Ressource Profiles > SAM > Access Control

- "IP based matching for Hostname based policy resources" under Ressource Profiles > SAM >Options if using FQDN in ACL's

You can even create a specific role for Mac users that you can assign automatically by defining a role mapping rule using a custom expression: isMac: useragent = '*Mac*' and assign automatically the JSAM role.

I tested this some time ago with the Windows terminal server client for Mac and it was working fine.