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Taking it to the next level...

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Taking it to the next level...

I've been on this board for a little over a year, and have been impressed by the intelligence and willingness to share displayed by the people who frequent this board. I think we serve each other well, and I'm sure we have saved Juniper $000's in JTAC costs.

I'd like to propose that we, as a community, go further to become a force in the direction of the Secure Access product. In a sense, I am suggesting that we become a "Juniper Secure Access Users Group". I know my company won't pay for any travel, so - at least for me - it will have to be a virtual group. But I could imagine us having conference calls or such as a way of sharing best practices, hearing from Juniper what is going on with the product, and making Juniper hears the "voice of the customer".

What do you think? Anyone else interested in something like this?



Re: Taking it to the next level...

Sure - this forum and especialy are great platforms for IVE admins.

I love IVE, and i love JTAC as they provide best support i know.

Have you ever had case with Checkpoint Firewalls?

You will FEEL the difference. :-)

Anyway, JTAC also does not know everything, and often the REAL LIFE expirience of admins is a great ressource of information in long-term stability. In last time quality control on IVE developers seems to have sometimes little "problems"?

Also, JTAC wont tell you allways under which circumstances their product could do problems.

Hostchecker Solution is in my expirience unstable - you simply can not get it runnig for some thousand users, as the mechanism is to complicated, they should design a new NC client which has Hostchecker encapsulated i think, all in one software.

Actually, you have a number of clients you have to download and upgrade, why not encapsulate all the functianlity in ONE client - as an option maybe?

I would be happy if Juniper would integrate some GREAT functions in IVE.. Otherwise it COULD happen, that Citrix Access Gateway will be market leader in the next years. Be carefull!

  • Drag- and Drop functionality for clientless file access (Microsoft Sharepoint can do - why not Juniper IVE?)
  • More Design Flexibility on webportal page (using own icons, look and feel)
  • Using IVE as Proxy-PAC webserver
  • Using IVE as Radius-Server (actually it can only work as radius-client)
  • More flexiblity in Local User Database
  • Email admin notification according to syslog messages

On the other hand - compary the admin GUI, scalability and stability of IVE with the headbanging JAVA-GUIs of Citrix or ASA.

There is no better, easier, stable SSL-VPN Product then Juniper SA on the market!

And what about superb policytracer? Nice logging, and and and..

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Re: Taking it to the next level...


I am definitely on-board as I think this is a great idea. Can I get some kind of title in the group ?

Senior complainer about Host Checker ?




Re: Taking it to the next level...

I'd be down for that. I know a few years ago (pre j-net forum), I was involved with a startup Juniper User Group, and it was great sharing info.
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Re: Taking it to the next level...

Great idea - sign me up Smiley Happy
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Re: Taking it to the next level...

This is a great idea. It's great to see our community members coming together and collaborating.  Let me see if I can get some type of sponsorship or virtual event support from Juniper for the user group.



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Re: Taking it to the next level...

Well, let's get started!

I'm willing to host a conference call late next week - probably Friday - to get us together. For any of you who might be interested, please send me a private message with your timezone. I'm on the East Coast of the US, but I'd like to be as inclusive of as many people as I can be.

When we meet, I'd like each of us to be prepared with the following information -

  • Enterprise for which we work
  • Type of business
  • How long we have had Juniper SA (or Neoteris IVE) equipment installed
  • Size of our installation / number of users
  • Key challenges

I'd like to avoid getting down to specific complaints about releases or specific desires for features at this first meeting. I'll be working independently on how we can engage Juniper with that information when we start coming up with it.

Looking forward to getting this going!



Re: Taking it to the next level...

Sounds like a nice idea.

Perhaps it could be possible to post the outputs from the user group to this board/forum somehow. I really wouldn't like to access yet another website :-)


Re: Taking it to the next level...

Hi Ken,

Are you still shooting for a conference call late this week?



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Re: Taking it to the next level...

I'm in.

Have a cluster of SA4000 FIPS units.