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Terminal Server Access on restricted clients

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Terminal Server Access on restricted clients

Thanks if advance if you are able to assist with the following:

Our consultants work from client sites on client PC's but need access to a terminal Server full desktop. Suffice it to say that not all IT departments are willing to assist in a timely manner providing the required services. Our approach has been to install a SA2500 to front end our Terminal Server Farm. However, we are regularly hitting issues due to limited permissions on the client PC's when the ActiveX or Java Packages try to install.

We have tried the following which all require either ActiveX, Java or folder permissions to install files

- Terminal Services - requires ActiveX

- Terminal Services - Java Fall back

- Network connect

Is there a way to create either a VPN to route to the Server farm or Terminal Server profile without the installation of the packages or am I not understanding the Juniper definition of "clientless".

Any guidance is appreciated.


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Re: Terminal Server Access on restricted clients


It's my understandind the Terminal Services approach will always require either a client-side client (i.e. RDP) or plug-in (i.e. Active-X or Java). I don't know of a way around this. I think the reason why you see the Juniper Marketing refer to "clientless" is because the built-in TS option is technically a plug-in.