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Terminal Services Resource Profiles - Citrix Listed Applications


Re: Terminal Services Resource Profiles - Citrix Listed Applications

Yes I have that book. It is good for additional knowledge, but for me it sucks on the how to. Something just isn't clicking for me. Plus it's a side project and often takes a back seat to other issues. I'm sure if I had more time to focus on it I could get it, but until then I appreciate any helps / tips and how to's from others. I may also have to take the time and call tech support to get some of these issues resolved.

As well, I think they gear it that way to get people to sign up for their 2 grand 2 day courses...

Nope didn't fix that issue and for a few users I will need to put out the desktops.. which I could likely do by creating an ICA file (more control), but it would be good to do it the other way.

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Re: Terminal Services Resource Profiles - Citrix Listed Applications

I just wanted to post a response to this thread. During our deployment I had a couple of users having this issue.- "Unable to load Citrix listed applications, please contact your system administrator". After working on it for a couple of hours I found that the users' password was causing it. We have found, at this point, the system does not seem to like some special characters. What I mean by that is that the system doesn't seem to pass them on to the Citrix XML service. We have identified the ampersand (&) and less than (<) so far.

Try changing the users' password to see if that helps.


Re: Terminal Services Resource Profiles - Citrix Listed Applications

Well we have made progress, but I failed to update things here.

Using the CMC program we created an Office Desktop.ica file


Office Desktop=

[Office Desktop]
Address=Office Desktop
InitialProgram=#Office Desktop
WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0

In Juniper under the Resource Profile >Terminal Services I uploaded he custom file

Then under the Autopolicy I put in the IP's of the above servers.

I've used this for a number of our Citrix server applications.

The curious thing is that we just discovered is it does not load balance.. it picks the first IP in the list. Matches it with the IP in the autopolicy and the user gets their OD.

Didn't have issues till we needed to stop logins on that first in the list server to reboot it and users could not log in.

Any thoughts? I can do a number of changes to the file that work in windows, but fails via this profile.