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Terminal Services and Home Users


Terminal Services and Home Users

We are just trying to understand fully the relationship existing between Home Users using their home PC to access network resources and it's impact on Terminal Services Licensing and/or even Citrix licensing and what other experiences have been regarding this.  I am posting this because it is not mentioned on the Juniper Site either in documentation or in KB.  As well it is not in the book we bought regarding Juniper SSL VPN.

To us this is a pretty major implementation / pre-deployment issue.  One could have a low ratio of SSL VPN licenses to users because what one is making available to them is an Intranet site or a scheduling program.  Quick in out access so no need for extra licenses.  However depeding on what one provides this may incurr extra TS Licenses (or citrix) to be give out which does indeed have an impact when considering Cost/ functionality.  Unfortunately this is not properly addressed.

So what have you been experiencing out there in your deployments?  Have you found other solution or ways of dealing with this?

This is still new stuff to us so thanks for your input.  We'll do our best to provide any additional information if required.