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Terminal Services client for Mac

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Terminal Services client for Mac

We have had successful Terminal Services connections through SSL VPN from Windows clients, but connection attempts from Mac clients return "This terminal session is not supported on your computer."

I read elsewhere that starting with the 6.0OS update, the Juniper box pushes down its own RDP client. Can I get a confirmation on this? If this is true, do Mac clients have any way of creating a terminal service connection? I know Microsoft makes an RDP client for Mac - is it possible to use that in any way?

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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac

You can very easily setup a Java based Terminal Services client. The most common one that is used and recommended by Juniper is ProperJava RDP. It can be found at

Define a TS Resource Profile, and enable Java Support for it. Make sure you define and import the Java applet and then refer to it in the resource profile. Works very well. There are several posts on this site if you search for "ProperJava" or if you have any questions feel free to ask away. If run into any problems with the specific syntax for the applet code or in creating the Java applet I would be glad to send you what I have setup.

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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac


Is there no way to use the microsoft client for OSX?

I'd prefer this one very much above the java applet.

The java applet gives some problems on some client machines.

Also the fixed screen resolution, etc, can be a problem.

I saw some competitive ssl-product who use this client very smart. It even install automatically on the mac-client.

Thanx in advance

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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac

If you go to Microsoft has built a tool for MAC users. I have quite a few users using it successfully but there are issues with Lepard version. There is another post on this site addressing that.


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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac

Do you have a link to that post? I have leopard and I'm having trouble finding it.

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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac


I would love to see what you have set up. I tried using this solution, but run into a roadblock on the Mac client which issues the message "Applet ProperJavaRDP notinited" at the bottom of the window after clicking on the TS link. There is also "The application failed to run". The Java console indicates that it's the 64-bit version of Sun Java 1.6.20.

The Mac is running OS X 10.5, and the browser is Safari. I'll get more details if you need them.


Richard Herbert

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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac

@VHB: No, it is not possible to use the MS RDP client for Mac; the only option is to use a Java RDP applet. Since 5.0 the IVE has supported uploading applets and creating bookmarks from them; in 6.0 it became easier to manage these and the GUI options changed. In 7.0 it is possible to license the HOB Java RDP applet and include that for users to launch the bookmarks rather than the Juniper TS client (Windows-only ActiveX).

@TWC: Unfortunately it is not possible to use the MS client; only Java-based TS applets can be used for the bookmark. If you would like to use the MS client you will need to use JSAM or Network Connect.

@rherbert: What server are you connecting to (XP, Server 2003, Vista, or Server 2008)? Vista and Server 2008 are incompatible with properJavaRDP.

In all cases only admin-created bookmarks are able to use the Java applet option. In 6.5 this is expanded slightly to include the RDP launcher bar when enabled, but all user bookmarks will use only the ActiveX (Windows-only).

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Re: Terminal Services client for Mac

Sorry for the bump on a stale thread but, Does anyone know if juniper will give the option for user created bookmarks under Mac?