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Terminal Session opens in background

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Terminal Session opens in background

I've had a case open for a long time about this but making no progress. I have users, including a handful of test VM's, that when opening a terminal session configured in IVE, it opens in the background (behind IE) and not the foreground. This happens using Windows XP, Vista and 7 and IE 6, 7, 8 and Firefox 3.6 in all my testing. Sometimes I get some really strange results like in Vista where it opens in the foreground, I then go into a role that uses WSAM, back to the role with only TS and it will open in the background everytime until I reboot. Also the first time the TS client installs in XP it opens in the foregound but then after that in the background.

Systems this happens on includes domain PCs, non-domain PCs on our network, and remote PCs we have no control over. It's also happened in 5.5 and now in 6.4.

Juniper has never seen this which considering how many PCs I have seen it on, find that hard to believe. Am I alone?


Re: Terminal Session opens in background

Never seen this, but I'm wondering: Are you using a Java RDP client?

If so, this might have something to do with the page it is embedded in. All systems that refuse to pop under may be explicitly configured to do so (or have a snap-in, plug-in, etc. that may prevent pop-unders).

Best of luck!

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