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The Network Connect virtual adapter driver is not installed properly -

New Contributor

The Network Connect virtual adapter driver is not installed properly -

Hey everyone,


I'm looking for your expertise and help because I'm not getting it with jtac support.


We have rolled out via SCCM JIS, HC 8.0 and Net Connect 8.0.  HC only installs when executing SCCM as User mode, the other 2 pieces of software are rolled out as Administrator.


All of the software installs on the machines, files, folders are all created.


We access the SSL VPN via Internet Explorer web browser, therefore Active X controls are used throughout the process.


Host Checker executes and passes as it should but the machines are all unable to load the pre-installed Net Connect 8.0.  They're receiving: The Network Connect virtual adapter driver is not installed properly -


If I uninstall Net Connect 8.0 and run the IE web browser to connect to the SA, it will detect no Net Connect 8.0 and install as it should.  After installation manually on the PC, it will execute and run without any issues.  


If I install the exe manually from a share for example, it installs and works without any issues also.


I'm using the exact same installation file as the above two cases which are directly downloaded from the MAG 6611 for the sccm push.


Our issue seems to be with sccm pushing the software out.  Does anyone have any recommendations at all on how to tackle this one and get it resolved? We're rolling out all of the software via SCCM so the users log in smoothly and seamless without installations going on upon the initial log on...more user friendly experience.  Another reason we rolled it out was for non admin users, which is also the main reason we rolled out JIS along with the others.


I tested this sccm push with a few lab devices and they seem to have worked fine...never encountered these issues, even on non admin user accounts.


I see only 1 KB article on this and it seems a little outdated and irrelevant in my case because I'm not using java at all.  KB19564


Uninstalling and re-installing the software manually isn't an option.


Any suggestions or thoughts on this?