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Timeout Warning/Popup when using RDP Full Screen?


Timeout Warning/Popup when using RDP Full Screen?


does anyone know if it is possible to bring the timeout popup to the front even

when I am using a Juniper Terminal Service Session in Full Screen mode?

We have the problem, that several users are only using RDP Session in Full Screen

for many hours and dont get a warning that session will time out because it is in the background.

Super Contributor

Re: Timeout Warning/Popup when using RDP Full Screen?

Unfortunately, no. If you find one, id like to hear it.

My work-around is to make the timeout 4+hours and the warning time 30 minutes.

Another solution, if the users have dual-monitors, is to move the browser to their second window (assuming they don't have an RDP session open on both desktops, and that they have two desktops)

If your company policy allow sessions to stay disconnected (but not be automatically logged out), you users should be able to re-login to the SSL VPN, and reconnect to the terminal service resource, and be reconnected to their previous session.

It really depends on what policies you operate under (HIPAA, PCI, etc) as to your allowed solutions.