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Trusted Server CA Expiring

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Trusted Server CA Expiring



I am new to managing our Pulse Connect Secure appliance. I've logged in to our admin console and recieved the server ca expiring soon message. A lot of these certs I'm not sure we even use anymore or they seem extremely old. Our public facing cert has been renewed and updated and it's currently on the internal and external port which is how we had it before. Am I right in assuming that the trusted CA certs on the appliance are from other websites our users are visiting and they are trusting? If that's the case then i should be able to just delete the expiring certs and when our users visit that site again they should be given another cert to trust? 


Thanks in advance for helping me with my noob question!


Re: Trusted Server CA Expiring

the trusted server CA list is a combination of default certificates that are installed as well as any that are installed by you as the admin
you can delete the certificates, yes
users do not add certificates to this list and any that are marked as trusted are per-user and not shared. you can delete them as users will see a warning either way; i would recommend checking with our support team for more info and/or testing in your lab to see what happens
does that answer what you are looking for?