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Turn on Split tunneling

Occasional Contributor

Turn on Split tunneling

Hi , I would like to know if i want enable split tunneling for any Role, how and where i would have to do?

I have Juniper SSL VPN SA4000.

Please help

Super Contributor

Re: Turn on Split tunneling

You have to turn on split tunneling in the role Network Connect settings, and create a Network Connect Split Tunneling policy and assign it to the role. If you have specific questions when you do that, I'll do my best to help.


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Re: Turn on Split tunneling

As was already mentioned, you have to create a Split Tunneling policy under Network Connect Resource Policies and then once defined you can just apply to all policies... then just a matter of enabling it on each role in the Options.

For an aside in case you're not aware-- enabling Split Tunneling is viewed by most as a major security risk; in most situations you're then allowing the user's computer to act as a bridge to connect your network with another network that you have very little or know knowledge of. It still has its uses depending on your circumstances and may be needed, but I would caution to be very careful about implementing Split Tunneling because it can be a very risky thing to do.