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Turning off rewrite.

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Re: Turning off rewrite.


Yes I have turned on the "Browser follow through" but still the http -> https redirection only works with a root URL and not when their are subpaths.

I can see that this question has been asked in the forums a number of times but has unfortunately never seen an answer...

Maybe this is a limitation or a bug? Albeit very frustrating!


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Re: Turning off rewrite.

Is there any way to get the SA to redirect http request to https when using the PTP?

at the moment if I type then I it is redirect it But if I type then I get a 404 "Document not found" - if I replce http with https then it goes through just fine.

Any ideas?

This cannot be done. When you put the /finance (or any other path) the IVE looks for that in the list of supported URLs it has. If it doesn't match, it is a 404 (as it should since that URL, most likely, doesn't exist on the device).
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Re: Turning off rewrite.

Ok thanks - this makes sense I just don't understand why subpages work for https and not http?
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Re: Turning off rewrite.

I don't know the technical reasons behind it; however, it is tied to making sure that invalid requests are not treated as valid. Using a deeplink is technically an invalid request that has unexpected success in connecting (unless changes were made and i have missed it, which is possible) as that URL does not exist on the system but is being caught up in the PTP hostname. The HTTP URL is validated fully for where to send the redirect against; since it doesn't exist, it gives a 404.