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URL Rewrite/Redirection...

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URL Rewrite/Redirection...

Hi All,   I'm guessing this is just a setting somewhere, but I can't seem to find it....


I have a URL that I have set for "Do Not ReWrite, Redirect to Server" on two different systems. 


On one SA, when I click the bookmark, it opens a new window and the new webpage opens up as normal.


On our other SA, when I click the link, I get a little yellow box that says "Please Click to access this resource".


I would like to get rid of the intermediate redirection page... Suggestions?





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Re: URL Rewrite/Redirection...

HI Stephen,


Please refer for the solution


The solution is to make sure that the option "Unwritten pages open in new window" is not checked for all the roles that the user is assigned to; this is configured under the Role > Web > Options > View Advanced Options.


Please mark this as an accepted solution if this resolves your query, a kudo woould be nice