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URL Rewrite

Marcos Vinicios
New Contributor

URL Rewrite

Hello, Today I have an ISA server in my environment and it works as a reverse proxy. This ISA server will be replaced by the Juniper SA 4500. Some of the publications that are on the ISA work like this:

* is the public DNS of the ISA server

* is an application server that resides in the DMZ

So, all requests to* is redirected to* and all the URL is rewritten, including paths, /myapp/internal.

In the SA I did the following configuration:

First I configured as a Virtual Hostname and as the backend server.

But we didn't succeed in the URL rewrite (it should replace /external for /myapp/internal) when I access the SA with*.

I would like to know if there is a way to do this publishing since the SA should replace all the functionalities of the ISA server.

Best regards,