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URL not rewritten

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URL not rewritten


I have a WEB shortcut which I have to use a WEB Rewriting Policy which as an action does not rewrite the content: Redirect to web server.  This web server is used for a webmail server.  Users can login no problem and they can view, receive and send emails.  However, if a user receives an email which a shortcut to access an internal resource, this URL is not rewritten through the SSL VPN appliance and the user's client tries to access the eb resource directly.  Obviously, the URL called from that shortcut is not available publicly online and can only be access internally.

On our old webmail server, which didn't require the Rewriting Policy to redirect to the web server, users were able to click on these mentioned shortcuts and they were able to access the internal resources.

That being said, I believe this problem is being caused because the original link location is not being rewriting by the IVE and thus any shortcuts from that web server are therefore not sent to the rewriter engine.

I hope this makes sense...  I was just wondering if anyone knew of a workaround for this type of problem.


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Re: URL not rewritten

you are correct about the reason for the no rewriting of the emebedded links. now when you say re direct and not re write you are basically giving up control on that url and the that browser is not under Juniper control any more. users computer is going there directly and so i dont think there is a way to get any re writing at that point.

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