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Unable to access VPN

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Unable to access VPN

Hi there,


I am having trouble connecting to VPN. I am getting the following error message:-


                      " - The Secure gateway denied connection request from this client"


I was recently able to login to VPN using my company issued laptop. Quite recently though, I got promoted and the title under my name in the login screen has changed (not sure how its done but the people at tech support did mention that for a period of TWO days, I will not be able to access my microsoft outlook, lync as well as login to my desktop, again not sure how this is a total newbie =P)


Anyway, once the changes has been done, i begin te receive this error message when trying to start the connection. Please help as I quite heavily rely on VPN services...thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Unable to access VPN

You need to work with your tech support team at your office to get to resolution.

Unless the issue is investigated root cause cannot be said.

However, ry following below KB and check if it helps!



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