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Unable to use Windows File Share (SMB) to Mac Server

Occasional Contributor

Unable to use Windows File Share (SMB) to Mac Server

So this is the setup...

Clustered MAGS running 7.1r5

OS X 10.6.8 File Server (SMB)

Windows 2008 R2 Native Domain

AD Users

VPN Users on OS X


A straightforward file share resource is created on the VPN to an SMB file share on the OS X Server.

On the internal network both Kerberos and NTLMV2 can be used successfully by the users on OS X machines.

SSO is not enabled on the VPN.

When a user clicks on the File Share resource he is presented with another page asking for credentials, entering the correct credentials will not work and the VPN logs the following error.

Failed to find Dfs referral on server.fqdn for \server.fqdn\SHARENAMEHERE with error 13.

This use to work fine up until the point that the Domain was upgraded to 2008 native. So AD/SMB/signing is a suspect.

Has anyone seen anything similar?