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Unauthenticated Requests


Unauthenticated Requests

Hi all,


By default this unauthenticated requests under the User logs is enabled by default with new PCS updates. Is it scaring the life out of people?


I've patched devices as soon as available and ran the vulnerability checker which reported no file mismatches.


I'm seeing unauthenticated requests from worrying IPs, but I'm not sure if I can ignore them, or what specific message should I act on? 

Any advice?




Re: Unauthenticated Requests

@DaveG We cannot stop unauthenticated requests as long as the VPN server is reachable in the Internet. It is expected to see a lot of traffic coming from Proxy networks, scanning weird directory URLs as there are web spiders out there which are actively scanning and attempting to exploit anything that listens on HTTP and HTTPS services.


I'd say leave the detection part to Integrity checker (ICT) as PCS is not vulnerable to all web based attacks. Recommendation is to enable geographic based restriction if the VPN users are most likely connecting from the  native region, so that you can avoid some of the bot traffic.

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert