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Update Cluster A/P MAG4610 from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0

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Update Cluster A/P MAG4610 from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0


I have 2 big problem in a cluster Active/Passive configuration with two MAG4610:

1) SSL-VPN connection constantly disconnects automatically every 50 to 60 minutes;

2) Some users are also experiencing no response from SSLVPN after connecting. 


For these problem, I would update the firmware on the newer version (major that I can install is 8.3R7.0)


1) The upgrade from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0 can have problem with end users (Es. change version of installer component for the SSL-VPN);

2) How many time during the update;
3) There is a kb to install in Windows 7 and Windows 10 before the users use SSL-VPN;
4) In case of problem, thew downgrade how many time during, and what is the correct procedure? I downgrade with option to delete all system and user, downgrade the system, and after import system configuration and users?