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Update Cluster A/P MAG4610 from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0


Update Cluster A/P MAG4610 from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0


I have 2 big problem in a cluster Active/Passive configuration with two MAG4610:

1) SSL-VPN connection constantly disconnects automatically every 50 to 60 minutes;

2) Some users are also experiencing no response from SSLVPN after connecting. 


For these problem, I would update the firmware on the newer version (major that I can install is 8.3R7.0)


1) The upgrade from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0 can have problem with end users (Es. change version of installer component for the SSL-VPN);

2) How many time during the update;
3) There is a kb to install in Windows 7 and Windows 10 before the users use SSL-VPN;
4) In case of problem, thew downgrade how many time during, and what is the correct procedure? I downgrade with option to delete all system and user, downgrade the system, and after import system configuration and users?

Re: Update Cluster A/P MAG4610 from 8.2R7.1 to 8.3R7.0

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing connectivity difficulty. For the first issue, can you confirm what your maximum session length is? do you have a load balancer or firewall that may be aging out the SSL tunnel at the 50 - 60 minute mark
for the second issue, can you expand further on what you are seeing, please?

Please use 8.3R7.1 for the installation (or upgrade to this if you have not already done so).
1: it is possible that non-admin users will not be able to upgrade; however, if you have the installer service deployed, the upgrade should be smooth
2: can you confirm what frequency you are looking for here?
3: can you expand further on what you are looking to know?
4: if there is an issue with the upgrade, click on rollback at Maintenance>System>Platform. This will revert you to the previous version (and only lose the config changes done since upgrade).