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Update SA4500 from 7.4R9.1

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Update SA4500 from 7.4R9.1


I'm planning to update our SA4500 which is currently running 7.4R9.1 (build 30599) to 8.1r4.1 (b37683) .... and I'm just wondering if it's ok todo in one sweep or do I need to update to Another version first Before 8.1?


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Re: Update SA4500 from 7.4R9.1

One step upgrade should be fine, in fact I would recommend one-step upgrade as this retains your current version as rollback (if you need to rollback)

To check if one-step upgrade is ok you can open the R1 release notes for the target release, in this case 8.1.R1, and check if your current branch is listed, in this case 7.4Rx
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Re: Update SA4500 from 7.4R9.1

Exactly, if you are planning to upgrade it in these days, I would suggest you to upgrade it to the 8.1R5.

There are a lot of issue resolved using Windows 10, host checker and McAfee products
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Re: Update SA4500 from 7.4R9.1

We tried upgrading our SA4500 from a 7.x release to 8.1. There were absolutely no problems on the appliance side, but we rolled back the upgrade after clients ran into problems with the Installer Service:
The new PulseSecure branded Installer Service wasn't installed correctly, and we ended up with clients that then had both the old Juniper and the new PulseSecure service. Subsequently, upgrade of the Pulse client failed.
If you don't use the Installer Service, I think you'll be fine.

I didn't find the time yet to read through newer 8.1 release notes and see if problems in that area have been fixed.