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Upgrade SA2000 to SA4500

New Contributor

Upgrade SA2000 to SA4500

I need some advice on the best course of action to upgrade our SA2000 device running IVE OS 7.0R4 (build 17289) to SA4500 7.46 (Build 27757).

My main question are is it possible to do a direct upgrade from IVE 7.0R4 to IVE 7.46 ? or do I need to be on the same version?

Is any one kind enough to provide the steps to achieve a smooth upgrade path from one device to the other, as I need to be able to provide Windows 8 and IE 11 support.


Re: Upgrade SA2000 to SA4500

In general I would think using the same base SA software on the SA2000 and the SA 4500 would be the safest bet (if possible).


If you don't want to do this or cannot do this you should look at the release notes for intermediate releases between 7.0R4 to 7.46 to see what has changed, is new, and if possible do a test upgrade using the user.cfg file.


We did something similar but was complicated by switching hardware platforms as well.


We upgraded from a SA2000 to a MAG2600 cluster and in that case our SA2000 was topped out as far as SA version X while the MAG could only use a newer version Y.


Our solution in that case was to do a test update (import our config to the MAG) and update. On the new system you would adjust the network information, log settings, licenses (if necessary), and import the applicable SSL certificate(s) via System > Configuration > Certificates > Device Certificates > Import.


You can skip using sytem.cfg for the testing and possibly use this file for the final migration. Would be good to import the file into your SA4500 in an offline setup to make sure the network settings, log settings, etc come through just fine on your SA4500.


Final step for us after migration was to create the MAG cluster.


The process went off without a hitch so it really comes down to how you want to do this and how paranoid/comfortable you are with hopping versions.


I can't say that I have ever seen a real issue with a SA software upgrade (across three generations of SA) but from time to time things are added, renamed, etc.