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Upgrade to 7.3 Question

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Upgrade to 7.3 Question

I have a MAG 6611 with 2 SM160s running 7.2R7.0 running our production SSL VPN. 


I was just wondering what the opinions are of 7.3 for Production if it is considered mature enough.  I know currently 7.2 is the Recommended level for the MAG6611.  I usually would hold off till R6 or even R7 before upgrading but getting more and more calls about Windows 7 users that are updated to Internet Explorer 10 with very few being lucky to see if work in Compatibility Mode the majority end up having to roll back to Internet Explorer 9.  So far none of the users have had issues rolling back.  I'm sure at some point though I will run into vendors who connect to us via our VPN who their options to roll back are not under their control based on their IT policies.

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Re: Upgrade to 7.3 Question

Hi Evcard,


Upgrading the SA device in production to 7.3 R5 is a good option & mature enogh for MAG 6611. You can go through the 

SA 7.3R5 release notes using the below URL  and find information on issues fixed and outstanding issues that are not fixed.


Based on this revioew you shouldbe able to take a decision on upgrade considering your SA environment.


I see win7 & IE 10 support  on 7.3R5 however if you have any specific requirement or fix  needed for specific issue you can contact JTAC support by opening a case and work with them on the recommendations 


Hope this address your query