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Upgrading Active/Active Cluster

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Upgrading Active/Active Cluster

I have an active/active cluster of 2 SA6000s running 6.5r7. I'd like to upgrade to 7.1r9, but I would like to upgrade only one of the devices in the cluster, so that I can deal with any fall-out by directing users to the non-upgraded node. To be more specific, I'd like to upgrade the primary node (the node with the regular licenses) and leave the node with the cluster licenses running 6.5r7. After all checks out, I would then want to upgrade the secondary node.

I think I have seen a process to do this, but I can't find it now - can anyone help me out here?


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Re: Upgrading Active/Active Cluster


Scenario 1. with current licensing scheme both the nodes have concurrent user license and to form a cluster you do need a cluster license.


eg. assuming Node A has 500 user license and Node B has 500 user license they can form a cluster and the cluster will support 1000 users.


scenario 2. One of the node having all feature license and the other node with cluster license


This cannot be achieved while both the nodes are in the cluster. you may have to remove the node from the cluster do the testing and join it back to the cluster after the testing is complete.


I would recommend to open a support case before attempting to do this if you have license as mention in the second scenario above

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Re: Upgrading Active/Active Cluster

Juniper may frown upon this approach, but it may work.

In theory, it could work if you break the cluster on the 01 box without the changes being propagated to 02

So perhaps something like this?

Export User.cfg and System.cfg on the 01 box (for later)

Load balance all your users to the 02 appliance.

Disable 01 node in the cluster.

Temporarily disconnect your 01 appliance from the network.

Connect directly to 01 from your machine (via xover maybe?)

Delete cluster

Upgrade code

Connect appliance back to the network

At this point 01 should function as a standalone appliance to allow you to test the new code.

Once done, you can either roll back, then import the cfg file to restore your clustering, or just create a new cluster on the newly updated appliance and add the 02.

Again, just a theory, but I think it would work.

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Re: Upgrading Active/Active Cluster

i'm not sure of any documented process for it; but the steps outlined previously should work.