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Uploading and downloading files on Java based apps


Uploading and downloading files on Java based apps

i am struggling to get a web based app to upload and download files to my local drives.

the app is a java based app, where users can download the file to local drive work onit and then upload it back to the server.

the issue is the SA4000 adds its ip address before the actual URL and hence the server does not recognise it.


on the web based login i have http://192.168.X.X

i can browse to the server, login , the java applet starts . when it comes to uploading files i cant do that.

The server needs to see http://192.168.X.X coming in but the IVE sends it out as https://194.72.X.X/iw-cc/192.168.X.X

how can i hide the IVE url and let the client browse to server as http://192.168.X.X/iw-cc and let it upload/download files to local client drives

can i use J-SAM if so how do i go about this

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Re: Uploading and downloading files on Java based apps

JSAM will pick up traffic that is sent to internal resources from the client outside of the SSLVPN session.  If a packet capture is taken from the client and you see a call to your 192.168.x.x address in it, you can configure JSAM to intercept this traffic. 

If, instead, all you see is https traffic, then JSAM can still be used, but you'll have to do a rewriting trick.  What I do if I want to bypass the rewriting engine on the IVE is I create a "do not rewrite and redirect to target server" rewrite policy for the internal resource.  So for 192.168.x.x, the traffic from the client will be directed out of the VPN session. You can now configure JSAM to intercept that traffic and redirect it back through the IVE, unrewritten.

You could also try passthrough proxy for the internal host.  This essentially does the same thing, but for some really finicky applications, I find the above configuration to work best.