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User List in Authentication Server Config

Occasional Contributor

User List in Authentication Server Config

I have two authentication servers. Both use LDAP lookups and one is identical to the other except for which servers it points to.

The first lists all users who have connected to the IVE.

The second has never listed all users who have connected to the IVE and does not offer up any better results when you search. Currently it is only showing four users, even though several dozen have connected. I can search on a user name for someone who used the system just minutes ago and it won't find them.

Why? How do I fix this?

It's taken on an urgency as two of my users are now getting a "Your Account is Disabled" message at login. I thought it was an Active Directory password issue, but it is not.

I've seen from the first auth server, by clicking on a username in the list, that I can disable/enable a user's access. This is what I need to get to in order to resolve the current messages they are getting. But since their name is not accessibe... no can do!!!

Finally, what would lead the IVE to disable an account on its own?