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Users Last Login Report

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Users Last Login Report

I was wondering if there was a way to generate a report regarding users last login time? I'm trying to cleanup our local accounts as most of our environment is now using LDAP to authenticate. 

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Re: Users Last Login Report

You need to ship the data out of the box to a third party reporting tool. Can't do from within the SSL

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Re: Users Last Login Report

Hi ,


I also agree with Kevin's update, there is no inbuilt utility is SA device, you can use 3rd party devices for report generation using the logs collected from SA SSL VPN 




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Re: Users Last Login Report

Wouldn't  going to the auth server->user tab give you this data? Granted its not in a report you can export, but, but depending upon your user volume, you should be able to paste the output into Excel.



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Re: Users Last Login Report

The most efficient way to do this will be as -red- suggested: check the last login time on the auth server instance.
if you look at the user access log, you will see as far back as is stored and it may not go back far enough to find the transition point