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Using ActiveX with pulse connect user interface

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Using ActiveX with pulse connect user interface

Hello , i have a question 
i want to know if im able to put links or script on the client user interfaces that runs localy instaled apps , ive tried session start script it works ,but i want the user to chose whether to launch the app or not , plus now i have two client application , it would be amazing if im able to put a button or a link into the pulse user interface so he will chose what app to launch .
i've seen some IE with ActiveX , java aplet , ... but i need more details on how it works and how to use it with pulse . 

thank you for your attention .


Re: Using ActiveX with pulse connect user interface

Sure, here it is.

# VPN server has the start/stop script details (path)
# Upon successful authentication, VPN server will push the script details to the client machine i.e. Pulse Client.
# Pulse Client will download the script files (both start and stop scripts) from the given location on to the temp folder.
# If the above steps were successful, then the Pulse client will run the script based on its type i.e. start script - After connected; Stop script - After disconnection.
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