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Using FullName Attribute from local auth server

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Using FullName Attribute from local auth server

I'm creating some local accounts and have given the fullname "grouped" them by using a specific string in the fullname field.  Now I'd like to create a custom expression under  Role Mapping to match that specific string and place them into a role. 

I don't see any expressions or variables that directly reference the local "fullname" variable from the local auth.  Most user references appear to use AD/LDAP/Radius.   

Is there a way to reference the local "Fullname" variable of a user account?


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Re: Using FullName Attribute from local auth server


I understand your requirement, using attrbutes and custom expressions for user attributes are very effective only using LDAP/radius auth servers however  you can still use the rolemapping based on Username rule where in the rolemapping rule 

you should add the specific string like abc*, this would ensure that only users with abc string  in the prefix will be allowed.

You can also configure with 123*, ab1#* , 123@* , etc based on your requirement, you need to ensure that your local auth serverusernames has those strings as part of their usernames. I have tested this in my lab and it works as expected.

Hope this resolves your query.

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