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VPN Login Windows XP SSG5

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VPN Login Windows XP SSG5

Hi all

I am a new user of the SSG5 appliance. And am in deep trouble. After successful configuring the appliance and connecting to it over a l2tp over IPsec connection with the Netscreen Remote, I am not able to connect with the Windows VPN network connection. I followed strictly the example in the documentation in chapter 6, pages 228 to 235. But am hanging with the last step on page 235 configuring the Windows VPN connection.

I am hopefully looking for some one who has a bit more experience with that device. If you need detailed information about my device, ask me. But as mentioned above, it is mainly the configuration from the documentation.

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Re: VPN Login Windows XP SSG5

wrong group my friend.. This is SSLVPN, you want Firewalls..