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VPN Randomly disconnecting

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VPN Randomly disconnecting

I am currently using Pulse Secure Version 5.2.7 (1025) on Windows 10 and we had not experienced this issue before. Seems very random that it will connect sometimes and not have any issues and other times it will connect and then drop the vpn connection within 30 seconds of connecting. 


Can anyone advise me as to what could be the issue or what the best way to troubleshoot this issue could be?


Re: VPN Randomly disconnecting

TCP dump on the client & physical port the user is connecting against
check the client log to see if you can see a disconnect message
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Re: VPN Randomly disconnecting

Huh? Can you repeat this in plain English for a non-techie please.


Re: VPN Randomly disconnecting

Please try with one of the latest version. You will have uninstall Network Connect (Pulse Client v5.2.7) and install the latest version. If the issue persists, please collect Pulse Client debug logs and open a support case with Pulse Secure.


Client side debug logs:
1.Open the Pulse client.
2.File > Logs > Annotate > Disconnection

3.File > Logs > Log Level > Detail.

4.Connect to the VPN 
5.As soon as you get disconnected, save the logs

6.File > Logs > Save As


Re: VPN Randomly disconnecting

sorry about that, @ochyou.
we would need to see a wireshark capture on the client machine that is disconnecting. this will hopefully show us if the system is being disconnected from the vpn.
we also need a capture on the vpn appliance to see if it is terminating the session

in addition to that, i would recommend testing with new/supported client & software versions (as mentioned by @jchettid)