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VPN SSL timeout best practices

Occasional Contributor

VPN SSL timeout best practices

For Juniper VPN SSL, the default values are:

Idle: 10 m

Max session: 60 m

reminder time: 5

I can not find best practices for Junos Pulse timeout and SSL session.

If I configure the Junos Pulse session like:

Idle: 60 m

Max session: 180 m

reminder time: 5

and If I configure the SSL session like:

Idle: 15 m

Max session: 120 m

reminder time: 5

does it make sens?

We have users working in a Junos Pulse session from 9 to 5PM, they will be disconnected 2 times in a day.

Respected Contributor

Re: VPN SSL timeout best practices

There is no "best practices" per will vary from role to role in a company. Some want to keep it higher than default; some want it lower.

If, for example, you want to have a valid connetion from 9AM-5PM you would want the max session to be at least 480 minutes.