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Virtual Desktop Resource Profile Missing

New Contributor

Virtual Desktop Resource Profile Missing

Hi everyone,

While looking on "how to setup VMware view access through an SA2500" I stumbled upon this document

It looks very promising, however I am missing the Virtual Desktop Resource Profile Juniper recommend you to use:

Virtual Desktops Resource Profile (Recommended Method)
This best practice approach simplifies configuration and deployment of VMware View Connection Server with the SSL VPN. Furthermore, SSO and seamless delivery are included here.

  • Login to the SA Series appliance as an administrator.
  • Navigate to Resource profile-Virtual Desktops.Ó
  • Select type -> VMware View Manager.Ó
  • Enter the configuration for the VMware view target server:
  • Continue, choose the roles youÕd like, and save the bookmark.
I have just upgraded to v6.4R2
Anybody that can help me?

Re: Virtual Desktop Resource Profile Missing

That's because that feature is only available in 6.5 which has only been GA on the Juniper support site for a couple of days.

Download that, upgrade and it's all gravy; I've one customer who was so happy they went live with Beta 2..