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Virtual SA appliance maximum concurrent sessions

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Virtual SA appliance maximum concurrent sessions



Does anyone know what the maximum concurrent SSL sessions is on the virtual SA appliance?


It's easy with the physical boxes, MAG2600 is 100, MAG4610 is 1000 etc etc but I cannot find any information about the virtual appliance.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Many Thanks,

Tom Whittle


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Re: Virtual SA appliance maximum concurrent sessions

Hi Tom,


I think Pulse Secure will never give a number for that question, because there is no way to quantify the virtual hardware and ensure it is dedicated to process SA workloads.


But at least they can tell what kind of processing power they have in the hardware appliances and let we make our own decisions.


Something like, our apliance X has Y memory and Z CPU.


For the competition it is easy to have this information... just buy a box and dismantle it... we will not do this kind of stuff Smiley Happy




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Re: Virtual SA appliance maximum concurrent sessions

It depends on what kind of virtual SA are you referring to.... if its a DTE ( Demo edition) it supports only 3 concurrent users and there is no license available to expand it , its more like a demo test box that can run on VMware. If you are looking for SPE ( Service Provider Edition) its a lot different and as far i know the minumum license starts with 2000 simultenous users  but the actual thing lies in the hardware that is being used to deploy these if you have resources on your VM that can handle 1000 concurrent users go for it. But from my experience i have seen performance degradation on one of Sa-4500 i have , juniper says its suports 1000 concurrent but really after 600 users the performance drops significantly . You can find more info here