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W10/IE11 Cannot download ActiveX

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W10/IE11 Cannot download ActiveX

Pulse Secure user here with a new laptop that I am trying to configure for VPN. I have downloaded Pulse onto my new machine and am able to access the login/2FA screens, but once I enter my authentication code, the page that allows me to download the ActiveX control is supposed to appear but does not. Instead I see a page that says "Unable to launch application" and "You do not have access to this application or the application has been removed." I've changed my IE ActiveX security settings but still nothing. I am approved by my employer for VPN access and have been using it without issues on my old laptop for 2 years now. Anyone have any thoughts/tips about what else might be causing this problem? Unfortunately my IT support team has told me that I am on my own on this and I'm the farthest thing in the world from a computer expert. Thanks in advance.


Re: W10/IE11 Cannot download ActiveX

@AHWDHE Can you send a full-size screenshot where you're prompted with the error message? Please PM the download link to me.

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