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WSAM and HTC Touch

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WSAM and HTC Touch

I am having several issues that I can not resolve on my HTC Touch with WSAM. I am running System Version 6.0R3.1 (build 12507).

1. I am only able to get WSAM to work if I go to our Secure Access site and set WSAM to auto-launch. If I try to open the WSAM application on my mobile phone it tells me that "WSAM can not run because a required preauthentication application could not start" Well I thought to myself maybe its try to evaluate host checker or cache cleaner. So I created a new mobile role on a totally seperate Realm that doesnt even process any restrictions at all. Yet I still get this message. Like I said if I open up our secure site through IE and have WSAM set to auto launch it connects.

2. Secondly WSAM on a mobile phone doesn't seem to show any Terminal Server Session bookmarks at all. I downloaded a 3rd party RDP client and I can connect to servers that way but its a very slow process typing in user and server information.

3. This is a somewhat unrelated but my Trusted Root certificates are not trusted on the mobile version of IE! I tired two certs one from godaddy the other from Geotrust but for some reason they are not trusted. I manually exported them and installed them but it still thinks they are untrusted.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: WSAM and HTC Touch

Any Ideas?