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WSAM session start script won't run

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WSAM session start script won't run

Hi All,


I have been tasked to secure a Realm on our Juniper SA4500 cluster by invoking Hostchecker. My thoughts to set this up were to have the Hostcheker check for a specific txt file on the pc's HDD and if it wasn;t there, the user would have to call the Service Desk to request access and we can then record what machines are accessing the Realm. 


I was hoping to create a new URL which fires up WSAM and runs a Session start script to run a basic bat file to copy a txt file from the server to the users machine, where they will then be able to log in as usual.


I cannot appear to get any script to run externally but it will run fine when running on the internal network and copied locally when the WSAM is running. I have now created a file share where the users can run the bat file when signed in but this isn't the way managment wanted it doing, as the staff members may then take the path where we are putting the txt file onto a number of machines.


I originally had access denied on the windows file share which I have now resolved for the bookmark but cannot see if this is the same issue with the session start script running. 


My questions are:-


Could this be a permissons issue even though i have resolved the file share issue?

Is there a specific way the bat file needs to be written? Does it require a time delay - if so - does anyone know the general command as this is going to run across a number of Windows OS's. I cannot even get it to run an echo text message!!


Any help, gratefully recieved.




Phil Colclough

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Re: WSAM session start script won't run

This depend on where the batch file is stored.

The batch file stored should be accessed on annonymously thats when you will be able to download the file externally.

Remove any security/sharing restriction on the folder where the script is locaed.

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Re: WSAM session start script won't run

The script should be located locally on the PC (this may have changed recently; I will check and update).

Another option will be to provide a file bookmark link to the folder that hosts the script/text/file. This will allow users to download the script and run it.