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WSAM v Network Connect


WSAM v Network Connect

I am thinking about deploying WSAM as opposed to Network Connect (NC) for our Corporate Laptop users.

These guys only ever use Citrix or their local Outlook client.

As I want to rollout the Virtual Keyboard I don't like the idea that this could be bypassed via the min web portal for the NC client.

Can anyone foresee any issues with the switch in terms of reliabilty etc?

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Re: WSAM v Network Connect

In my experience WSAM is much more reliable than NC. The only issue I've ever had with WSAM is with NetBIOS file sharing not working reliably.

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Re: WSAM v Network Connect

For that use-case it sounds like that would work just fine

The only thing to be careful of in a switch like that is making sure there is nothing that is doing server-initiated connections (e.g. VoIP or possibly IM).