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WTS/RDP and printing

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WTS/RDP and printing

I've been working out a way to use PCS 9.1.4 and Terminal Services to replace Citrix netscaler.

First I was testing out Citrix Virtual Desktop, however it doesn't support sound

Then I was testing Citrix Listed apps with storefront, however it doesn't do load balancing correctly so users end up with orphan sessions if they get disconnected as it doesn't reconnect properly.

Next I started playing with plain old WTS/RDP Bookmark with all the redirection options enabled,  and using the RDP bookmark I can only get Printers to work if I physically install the print driver that matches the clients machine, which obviously is not scalable (or ultimately stable at all)

if I enable VPN and then manually go make a connection from the RDP client on my machine, printing works great but thats not really all that sustainable either for end users to manage to configure.

I haven't gotten to testing MAC's yet..sigh


Re: WTS/RDP and printing

unfortunately, that is the expected behavior that you need to install the print driver on the target system so it is able to send the data down
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Re: WTS/RDP and printing

I can't believe 5 years later they haven't figure out how to make this work.  Its not specifically a microsoft problem...its a pulse implementation of something that should be doable.


First they have Virtual desktops without sound, and then they have RDP without printing.  Like seriously...this shouldn't be a case of pick your limitation in this day and age.


Spun up a netscaler interface in within an hour I was listing to sound and printing with no changes needed whatsoever...

Guess Pulse is just an inferiour product at the end of the day.