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Web Bookmark fails to load

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Web Bookmark fails to load

I've created a web bookmark, however whenever it is accessed via the Pulse the below error appears:


This site can’t be reached
%2Cdanainfo%3D192.168.0.10%2Cssl%2Csso%3Du+’s server IP

The Pulse device can ping and traceroute to the site.

The bookmark is setup with default options and with an address of


When I use the port test it works and I can see the traffic in the firewall being allowed, however when using the bookmark I see no traffic in the firewall.


So I must be missing something very simple, is anyone able to offer any assistance?


Re: Web Bookmark fails to load

can you confirm that you have policies in the following locations to allow connectivity?

Users>Resource Policies>Web>Access Control
Users>Resource Policies>Web>Rewriting

if those are in place, please open a case with our support team