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Web Re-writing on apps that use Azure MFA

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Web Re-writing on apps that use Azure MFA

Our company has been on a big Azure MFA kick recently. More and more of our internal applications are using Azure MFA for auth. This seems to break the standard re-writing for web bookmarks. Now, when you pull up one of these apps you get the Azure MFA pop-up but it never prompts you for your userid and/or the Push approval. It just acts like it's processing it and then errors out after about 30 seconds with the message "invalid user response". The Azure logs are useless in troubleshooting this. We have worked around this by tunneling the application over the PulseVPN thick client, but we'd rather not have to do this for everyone of our apps. Has anyone had any success with access Azure MFA'd apps using web bookmarks? FWIW, our PulseSecure portal longs are also using Azure MFA to login, but I don't see how that could interfere with the bookmarks. 


Re: Web Re-writing on apps that use Azure MFA

@woodyak VPN rewiter might be causing these issues, please open a support case for review.

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