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Web bookmark issues


Web bookmark issues

Platform and Ver


Ver 7.1R2 (build 18193)


One realm setup to map to multiple roles. No network connect enabled. Each role has a bookmark to a password manager server that allows users to reset their password. Resource profile created and roles are attached to WEB ACL for password manager resource.


User logs into the VPN clicks on the password manager link. Password manager opens up in a separate window. User can log into password manager, but as soon as they log in and try to update their secret password questions user is presented with a 404 page. Second attempt to launch the link causes at least a 2 min delay before password manager login screen will display.

I'm thinking it's related to the session cookie that should be passed from the client to the password manager server maybe the VPN isn't passing it. Any ideas??

Respected Contributor

Re: Web bookmark issues

+1 on the JTAC case

in the overall scheme, it sounds like there is a URL failure (either not in the rewrite engine or rewritten incorrectly).

typically jtac is your best place for assistance

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Re: Web bookmark issues

it would better to open a support ticket on this issue to understand how the backend works and annalyze the logs wrt to SA.