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WebEx Teams through Pulse SAM

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WebEx Teams through Pulse SAM

We would like to use WebEx Teams through Pulse SAM.  I have configured the IP addresses and Ports, even used a WildCard for the allowed resources in the WSAM Destinations to allow everything and the phone services will not register.


Going through a full tunnel is fine, and a split tunnel... However, I would like to get this to work through a WSAM or Pulse SAM type configuration.


Wondering if anyone knows if this is possible, or am I wasting time trying to get this to work?


Thanks in advance.


Re: WebEx Teams through Pulse SAM

Haven't really tried to use SAM for WebEx/Teams, however I believe it should work.


Did you try using the application mode of SAM tunnel? and allowing all wildcard resources for WebEx/Teams and see if it works?


What is the VPN server and Pulse Client version being used?

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