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Websense global proxy blocking Pulse VPN client to connect

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Websense global proxy blocking Pulse VPN client to connect

Hi Everyone,


I have come across one major problem when deploying PCS in the global proxy scenario.


If I'm trying to connect VPN through pulse client "1110 error message " is coming with unable to reach server message which I suppose due to global cloud proxy configured on systems. However, if I disable global proxy VPN connecting without any problems but that's not our usecase.


In our usecse forcepoint global proxy configured on user machines and that redirecting all 443/80 port traffic to forcepoint cloud as device get internet access. So when i connecting to VPN ip it seems to forward same traffic to cloud proxy which blocking VPN traffic generated by the client because of the invalid certificate as proxy check its own certificate to forward traffic. Also as i know VPN client doesn't have abilities to show the certificate to such proxies 


Would be helpful if anyone deployed VPN in case of global proxy enabled scenarios? IF so what setting I need to do to get it to work.


Note:- Traffic bypass for VPN IP has been configured in pac file but i think pulse connect client unable to read pac file. PulseSecureService.exe also allowed in Websense(Foircepoint) cloud proxy and web security server.



Harish K


Re: Websense global proxy blocking Pulse VPN client to connect

Is Pulse.exe also in the exclude list?
Is the proxy required for accessing the appliance or "just" resources behind it?