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What does this mean?

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What does this mean?

Failed to find Dfs referral on for \\Public with error 13.

A user cannot access windows file shares, and this is what is showing up in my user log file.


Re: What does this mean?

Are the xxx and xxx addresses the same?

dfs = distributed file system

Is maybe the alternate ressource unavailable, unrechable?

Try using fully qualified domain name for the ressource.

Ate RocKz

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Re: What does this mean?

If you are using WSAM then you cannot access DFS file shares. Here's a what is says in he release notes from 6.3:

"In Release 5.2, Juniper investigated support for DFS File Sharing through WSAM. However, we have identified that the system needs to trigger Domain Authentication via ICMP/Kerberos, and this functionality is currently not supported. Once Domain Authentication is fully supported through WSAM, there is a high probability Juniper can make DFS File sharing work. There is no ETA at the moment for supporting Domain Authentication. (30587)"

As a workaround you can use the File access method to access the DFS shares.

Re: What does this mean?

What version of IVE are you running? In older versions there are some bugs related to DFS file share browsing through the IVE. I suggest that you upgrade to the 6.3R2 if that is possible and use fully qualified domain names. As a last resort you can use the direct path (actual server name where files reside) instead of the DFS path.
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Re: What does this mean?

I have the same issue with the File access method (not WSAM) but I am using fully qualified domain name for the resource.

Actually the resource is the file server storing datas of DFS server, not directly the DFS server.

One of my SA is running IVE OS 6.4R3 and it's still working fine. I have this kind of message from 6.4R4-1.

Maybe good to know that I have found the following KB# in Juniper Knowledge Base but doesn't explain exactly how to solve my issue (as my server is not directly the DFS server):