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Where is that lock-down mode options?

New Contributor

Where is that lock-down mode options?

Where can I find that lock-down mode options?
The following knowledge base article mentions the following: "Starting with Pulse Secure Desktop 5.2R5, a new option was added in the Pulse connection configuration (Under Pulse Secure Client > Connections > [Connection_Name]) called "Lock down this connection".


It isn't clear to me wether this is on Wndows or OSX.

Is that in the OS control panel, the start menu, the tray icon, the network connections?

Is this an extra application installed in some case?

Is this an option available only to network admin?

Thank you.

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Re: Where is that lock-down mode options?

This is a configurable option by the PCS administrator which can be pushed down to the Pulse client.  This option is not manually configurable from the Pulse client itself.


Re: Where is that lock-down mode options?

Windows only
It is not an extra application; as kita mentioned, it is in the connection details pushed by the appliance when a user connects
Yes, it is only available to the network admin