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Why was KB45227 taken down?


Why was KB45227 taken down?

KB45227 on June 06, 2022 was about the "Pulse Desktop Client disconnects with Password Expiration Prompt and connects back automatically" (24855 Days) issue which Pulse acknowledged in PRS-411805.


If PRS-411805 has in fact been fixed in ICS/PCS 9.1R16 supposedly to address the issue described in KB45227, why wasn't KB45227 updated to reflect that?


Instead KB45227 article appears to have been taken down completely, even though many running ICS/PCS 9.1R15 are still experiencing this issue. This behavior by Ivanti / Pulse internal documentation team puzzles us.


Would anybody from Ivanti/Pulse please chime in to enlighten us about the above subject?

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